Field board $460/month. Includes individualized feeding program 2 times per day, we will feed any supplements that you provide, free choice hay, water, coordinated shoeing schedule,  seasonal shots schedule with vet, equine dentist schedule, rotating worming program with fecal checks, evening safety checks, tack room space, catching and holding your horse for vets, farrier and dentist etc upon request for a holding fee and use of all Toad Hollow Farm facilities.

Stall board $685/month. Includes everything in Field Board plus daily stall cleaning and picking, turn-in/out, and either blanketing or fly mask/fly spray (depending on the season).

Premium stall board $750/month. Includes everything in Stall Board package plus thoroughly grooming your horse once per day and routine catching and holding fees for the farrier and veterinarians waived.



You are welcome to come and use the facilities at Toad Hollow Farm.  Our covered arena is a year round footing it is cool in the summer and does not freeze in the winter.



*Please print, sign and bring with you the release form (below), leave it with your payment in provided envelope in the office or in the plastic container (there are release forms here also) beside office door.

*We now require a new release form signed for each new year.

*Currant negative coggins is required for all horses.

*Check the website calendar for arena closings (for clinics and shows).

*There is no need to call/email ahead if you are coming to ride, as long as the arena is not closed for a function.

*Call/email ahead  if you are planning to have a lesson.  We only allow one lesson at a time .  We will let you know when the arena is available for lessons.

*Please make yourself familiar with the rules of the arena (link below)so that everyone can have a fun and safe time.

Rules of the arena –

Release form –

*If you use the lights in the arenas please make sure to read the instructions above light switches.  The light switches are located between the office and covered arena doors.

*Please clean up your horses manure from the covered arena, parking area in front of the barn and barn area.  Muck tubs and forks are located in covered arena and in the barn aisle.



Covered arena, dressage arena, round pen, pace track and grass arena

per day – drop in basis – $15

monthly use  – $60

monthly for family/multi-horse – $90 for 2 horses

$120 for 3 horses and $150 for four or more

private use per hour – $50


For more information about renting parts/all of our facilities please call or email us.


Holding/catching fee for farrier & veterinarians – $25 for 1st hour & $15 for each additional hour.

Administering injections (does not include medications or equipment)  – $5

Collection of fecal samples – $15

Grooming, lunging, tack cleaning – $25 per hour

Wound care (foot soaking/hosing, hand walking) – $25 per hour

Trailer parking – $30 per month

Outsider Instructors/Trainers No Fee

Stall use per day-day stall only – $15 per day

Stall use per day-overnight stay – $25 per night

Trailering – $30 base charge plus (can be shared) $.75 per mile

 Release forms for services and activities.
Those who have not signed a release waiver for 2014.

Please download, print, sign and bring to Toad Hollow Farm Office (or pick one up from the office) before riding.

Release Form